Do you prefer more counter space in your kitchen when preparing food?
Do you have wet messy countertops after transferring wet leafy greens from the sink to your cutting board?
Would you like a cutting board that can stand up for drying and storage?
Do you like to sweep food off your cutting board?

  • * Frees up valuable countertop space.
  • * No more messy countertops as liquid on an inclined surface drains
           into the sink.
  • * Stand-up position for drying and storage.
  • * Food can be swept off the front and back of the cutting board.
  • * Waste can be conveniently swept into the sink for disposal.
  • * Non-skid pads/L-brackets secure it to countertop and prevent it
           from sliding.
  • * Ergonomically positioned right in front of the sink.
  • * Stain-resistant and dishwasher safe. Does not dull knife.

Countertop Requirements (see Features or Video):

*Minimum 2½”(6.3 cm) of counter space between the rim of sink and counter

*Fits all standard counter edge thicknesses from 1”(2.5 cm) to 1”(4.1 cm).

Not recommended for use on tiled countertops.
FDA approved food grade polypropylene and stainless steel hardware.
Cutting board dimensions: 15¾”x 9”(40 cm x 22.9 cm ).

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