The idea came about when the inventor, a Mechanical Design Engineer, often placed his flat cutting board on the counter space right in front of the sink to do prep work due to its proximity and easy accessibility to the sink. However, the cutting board in that location was sometimes slippery and unstable.

One day, when he came back from his garage with a prototype of the front-of-sink cutting board, it was found to be very stable and useful when inserted onto the counter edge.

After a number of prototyping iterations, it became the most used cutting board in the kitchen. It was ergonomic, convenient and handy compared to the others. The easy sweeping, drainage and stand-up features of the cutting board are unique. Best of all, it provides counter space relief when there is clutter around the sink area.

He began to research kitchen styles in North America and found that there was a market niche, in western kitchens, for front-of-sink cutting board. Combining his years of consumer product design experience with large multinational corporations and his wife’s artistic creativity, they develop this cutting board that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.